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Eleanor Dupont

Eleanor Dupont


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Lecturer, BA (Hons) Visual Effects (VFX) for Film and Television

Ellie’s talk explored the subjective mechanisms involved with the human experience of ‘reality’, namely those within the field of cognitive neuroscience that explore the concept of the ‘perception of reality’.

In terms of its relationship with VFX, the pursuit of realism has had a ripple effect on the creation, representation and interpretation of reality, and recent technological advances have meant that VFX is now increasingly able to generate very realistic simulations of entire worlds, like those of Interstellar and The Jungle Book.

Ellie posed questions over the application of theories behind the latest neuroscience research, and how this impacted on the viewer’s experience of virtual effects. Questions were also raised about the nature of the human perception of reality, and implications on ‘truthfulness’ in image making and viewing.

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