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A student applies bandages to an actor's hand.

BA (Hons) Make-up students bring zombie attack to life


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Please be advised: images contain prosthetic injury detail.

Students from Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) helped to create a zombie attack in the centre of town.

The "major incident simulation event" involved over 350 paramedic and nursing students from Bournemouth University (BU) as well as second- and third-years from AUB’s BA (Hons) Make-up for Media and Performance course to bring the walking dead’s victims to life.

Wayne Humphrey, Senior Lecturer at AUB, commented, "We started working with BU on these simulation events back in 2022. Adam Bancroft, the programme leader on the Paramedic Science course there wanted to use our staff and student skill set to create a realistic, catastrophic, fictional event to give his students a taste of what they might witness once they graduate into the field of paramedics.

"The first scenario we worked on was a Godzilla attack on a building in Bournemouth in 2022. Our students created a range of highly realistic injuries that made for authentic training for the paramedic students to assess on the spot.

"Thanks to the success of our gory Godzilla injuries, BU asked us to get involved again this year on a bigger and better project, the zombie apocalypse. One of our third-years, Missy Brazier, created a full bleeding arterial bleed injury as well as a whole body of further realistic injuries. Missy was a volunteer the first year and wanted to oversee this event as part of her major project."

Wayne explains that Missy was assisted by second-year Verona McDonald in taking the helm for this year's zombie apocalypse theme, succeeding in delivering "an incredibly authentic and realistic set of injuries."

"We hope that we can continue to build and develop this relationship year on year, to create a yearly event that strengthens our two courses as well as pushing the limits of the simulation.’

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