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Five students interacting on campus at British University Vietnam (BUV)

Arts University Bournemouth and British University Vietnam announce new strategic partnership


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Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) has announced a new strategic partnership with the British University Vietnam (BUV). AUB can now award its first undergraduate course – BA (Hons) Professional Communication (Business, Design and Strategy) – to be delivered at BUV, in Hanoi, Vietnam.

While the study of communication is well-established in Vietnam, contemporary shifts in the global economic landscape have increased the high demand for a more specialised focus within the communication area, notably in the field of professional communication.

In the age of technology and digitalisation, finding professional communication institutions with modern curricula and teaching methods that keep pace with global trends isn't easy, despite communication management being a longstanding field in Asia.

“This is an exciting milestone for AUB," explains Lisa Mann, the University's Executive Director of Academic Innovation. "It marks our inaugural transnational education partnership, and we’re delighted to be partnered with BUV, a university renowned for its five-star educational quality and state-of-the-art facilities in Vietnam.”

In the race to provide quality professional communication programmes in Vietnam, the new generation of internationally accredited universities holds a significant advantage.

BUV’s Professional Communication programme awarded by AUB combines strategic business principles with important creative and practical methods. The course focuses on the theories and practical applications of communication in professional environments, and encompasses highly specialised fields including business, investment, consulting, education, healthcare, sport and law.

Furthermore, the programme is scientifically designed, providing students with fundamental skills in the first year and allowing them to carry out practical exercises and projects in the following years. By the end of the third year, they're equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary for professional communication specialists, an understanding of the industry, and are ready to enter the real-world job market.

“Compared to the global landscape...” Lisa adds, “...the number of professional communication training institutions in Vietnam offering continuously updated modern curricula and teaching methods is relatively scarce. That’s why this partnership is so important for all those budding professional communicators in Vietnam.”

Associate Professor Jason MacVaugh, Dean of Higher Education from BUV, comments, “We are thrilled to collaborate with AUB on this exciting initiative. AUB has over 140 years of history and is renowned as the ‘cradle’ of arts, design, and communication education in the UK. Their Gold Standard certification for outstanding teaching quality by the Teaching Excellence Framework and top-ranking entrepreneurship graduate rate align perfectly with our commitment to providing high-quality, international-standard education.

“As digital platforms burgeon and public opinion is equipped with various tools to access information and express viewpoints, mastering communication principles alone is not sufficient for the new generation of professional communicators.

“To fulfil these tasks, their skills must be comprehensively honed, from developing multimedia communication strategies, and crisis management, to building relationships. Most importantly, networking activities within the training framework will connect students with partners, experts, and businesses in the communication industry."

The BA (Hons) Professional Communication (Business, Design and Strategy) programme at BUV starts this September. For more information, visit BUV's website.

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