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BA (Hons) Animation Production graduates stop motion production 'Anna' wins at Canterbury AniFest


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On Saturday the 9th of March, the day after graduate animation stop motion production, ‘Anna’, by 2018 graduate Jessica Mountfield won best student animation at the RTS (Royal Television Society) Awards, the animated short also took home the award for ‘Best British Film’ at Canterbury AniFest. Canterbury Anifest is an annual award-winning animation festival in the South East of England.

‘Anna’ was also runner up for ‘Best Animation’ and fellow 2018 graduate animation ‘New Devonia’ by Kelly Mann was runner up for ‘Best Art Design’.


Anna is ‘A loving look at the world of dementia-stricken Gus; a former gardener who lives with his granddaughter and struggles to reconcile reality with an increasingly present past’.

View the trailer for the animation.

Duration: 05:15

Directed by: Jessica Mountfield

Screenplay: Jessica Mountfield

Animation: Jessica Mountfield, Dominic Povall, Jo Riley, Lucy Moesbauer, Kristina Rudenko, Harriet Memory

Technique: Stop motion with puppets

Music: Jo Riley

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