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seeks to improve people's lives through cold therapy

Innovation Studio

Dean Skivington and CryoShower

Industry-engagement and our strong maker culture puts collaboration at the heart of everything we do.

Dean Skivington and CryoShower

Dean Skivington leads and founded CryoShower, a cold therapy brand that seeks to improve people's lives through cold therapy. He joined the Residency Programme to develop prototypes and bring CryoShower to today's market.

We're proud to have Dean on board as one of our residents and can't wait to see how CryoShower progresses.

Meet Dean

Dean is an entrepreneur and mentor with a passion for innovation and a focus to improve the quality of people's lives. He draws on his decades of experience to develop technology and products that will improve the lives of people across the globe.

After Dean experienced a life changing injury that brought not only a physical problem to adapt to but the psychological and emotional trauma from dealing with life altering circumstances, the coping mechanisms of these circumstances and the resulting self-discovery is what led to the formation and product development for CryoShower.


CryoShower is a cold therapy brand that's developing a full product funnel for launch to a global market.

The company seeks to improve people's lives through cold therapy, make cold therapy accessible to all, and improve the benefits of cold therapy through science and innovation. Cryoshower strives to push the boundaries in health recovery and performance by developing science led, game changing products that will improve everyday life.

Cryoshower is a portable intelligent box that improves the therapeutic benefits of cold/cryotherapy by reducing the temperature of natural cold water, at the push of a button, that is data led and technology driven.

Dean has formed an effective team around him to bring CryoShower to today’s market.

AUB x CryoShower Residency

The Residency Programme was appealing to Dean and the CryoShower team as physical product development takes time and space to develop, and doing this with a virtual team is challenging, particularly for a start-up business, where cashflow management is critical.

Being a resident has allowed the company to have space to work, connection to deliver and expertise to facilitate development. The products and services that the residency offers wouldn’t be available to them if they needed to make the capital investment for them, but ad hoc access is allowing them to develop their product range to bring it to market.

On what CryoShower hopes to achieve throughout the residency, Dean says:

"Achievement will be measured in the product range being ready to launch. But the success has a much broader measure than that. Being part of a connected community, whereby teams are virtual, is important for my wellbeing and therefore the speed at which the product will develop. As well as having access and support from the products, services and talented people that are available to support and guide us."

Some of the key resources that have proven valuable for CryoShower during their residency so far includes the 3D printing facilities, used to build prototypes.

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