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Access and Participation - Overview
Access and Participation

We support the principle that people from any background with the potential to benefit from higher education should have the opportunity to do so.

Summer School Show

For the first time ever, we delivered our Year 12 Art Summer School virtually.

Students were provided with resources and together with a range of seminars, presentations and workshops which offered information and advice about higher education, they were immersed in practical workshops each day.

Class of 2020


Aimee Biggs

I have really enjoyed this course as it has given me the opportunity to explore new artists as well as being able to experiment...


Grace Cole

I did a summer school at AUB and really enjoyed learning and developing new skills throughout the course...


Marshall Dibben

Over the two weeks of this course, I have gained new perspectives on art and have learned many new skills which I will carry forward...


William Day

The theme of place connotes more than location. Ideas of place can represent religion, community, hierarchy and more...


Miya Gunton

Before starting the online summer school, my art revolved around themes of realism via the medium of painting and rarely went out...


Abigail Essex

This art course started with a very broad theme which gave me the scope to be more experimental with my ideas...

Drawing Mail Art

Joshua James

All of my work on this course has been based around the topic of place. My work explores all of the places that are a part of me...


Tanya Harris

The main theme of my work is Place. I have been thinking about how place is not just something which is physical...


Ellamae Knight

When exploring the theme of ‘place’ for the course, I initially thought a lot about my extended family in Ukraine, though I’m...


James Knowles

During the summer art school I have been exploring the theme of place particularly enjoyed the drawing workshop as I drew...


Samuel Little

The greatest portion of my passion lies in animation...


Keming Liao

During the Course I have been exploring a variety of media and have looked at the theme of Place and the deeper...


Emily Livsey

For this project, I was significantly inspired by our theme, place...


Jonathan Renaut

My favourite workshop in the AUB online summer school course was the paper bag...


Freya Piper

For the summer school, our theme was “place” and I was mostly inspired by it as a destination...


Eve Penny

Initially, this project started with the prompt place. Place can mean a multitude of things to different people...


Lali Shukla

The theme of 'Place' has brought a sense of underlying order to my work...


Gule Rubab

The tasks given on the course explored a great variety of my imagination. For instance the simple task...


Stephannie Rose

On this course, I have really enjoyed exploring the different types of media and the various artists...


Lauren Wilton

My pieces are themed around the idea of ‘place’, where I have taken inspiration from nature and the outdoors...


Jessica Wiles

To be given such a broad starting point is sometimes daunting but I managed to twist ‘Places’ to fit my own narrative...


Victoria Wreford

Hi, I’m Victoria! I’m currently studying Fine Art at college and want to pursue a career in art in the future...

About Year 12 Summer School

This 10-day course was designed to give students a taste of studying at higher education level. The sessions allowed students to develop creative thinking, contemporary contextual understanding, specialist learning, problem-solving and communication skills whilst realising their artistic potential. Students benefited from professional technical support to develop their practice and produce outcomes for an online exhibition.

During the Art Summer School students examined the methods, materials and thinking processes that artists use, as well as exploring some of the questions raised by contemporary art. The range of activities and approaches offered opportunities for students to explore their artistic interests and passions, whilst expanding their portfolios and honing their skills.

Practical workshops allowed students the opportunity to experiment with a range of materials and approaches to art making in preparation for their application to study art at a higher level:

  • Experimental collage
  • Purposes of Photography
  • Transformations - Brown Paper Bag Project
  • Drawing
  • Printmaking
  • Sculpture

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AUB aim to ensure that all those with the potential to benefit from higher education have the opportunity
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We offer activities and opportunities to help those from under-represented groups to raise their awareness of the creative industries
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Care Leavers

AUB is committed to providing support for young people leaving care who wish to study at the university