Interactive sessions for those in school years 7-9, help pupils decide if they might like to study a particular creative subject at university. Staff and students from the University work with learners to engage creatively with a wide range of media and resources.

AUB regularly welcomes young people and schools to come and explore what university life is all about and what it has to offer. Over several years the university has delivered taster sessions in a wide range of creative practices such as design, branding, visual communication, textiles, photography and special effects makeup. These sessions are supported by current HE students who are able to share their story in why they have chosen our creative university.

Case Study – Intouniversity Extending horizons trip

From 05-10 August 2018 the University welcomed 40 young learners (aged 12-16) from London who came and explored their creative potential in our studios as they spent time investigating the sites of Bournemouth. In collaboration with the London based charity IntoUniversity the aim was to raise the awareness and profile of careers within the creative industries, whilst giving them an experience outside of London and away from familiar surroundings. This taster session explored the process studio-based portrait photography  and then creating a 3D model with specialist clay.


When asked about their visit students stated:

“The experience at AUB was interesting and fun.”

“Visiting AUB was eye opening and memorable.”

“Never knew you could have a career as a modelmaker.”

“Loved visiting AUB and Bournemouth and doing activities I’ve never done before.”

When asked what they learned students said:

“How to use a camera in the correct way.” 

“That there are universities that specialise in certain subjects.”

“I have learnt about controlling the effects of lighting when you are taking photos”

“Sculpt swiftly using a variety of tools.”

Such taster sessions are so important in sharing the opportunities that are available for further study, whilst giving participants a positive experience and removing barriers. 40% of the pupils had concerns about university debt and 49% stated that the influence of friends would be a major factor in choosing career options. After the activity, 74% of the pupils agreed that they were planning to go to college/university once they left school.  In addition, 65% agreed that they felt confident about their ability to study beyond school.

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your support for the residential trip. The workshop was incredibly engaging for the young people and it has been a really positive experience for them. I also overheard some of the students discussing the possibility of studying creative subjects and coming to Arts University Bournemouth which is great!”

Olivia Rawnsley, Mentoring and Student Enrichment Coordinator