The Artist in Residence (AiR) scheme aims to support local schools in their curriculum and attainment, whilst showing school students the progression opportunities available to them in art, design, media and performance.

AiR scheme seeks to recruit current undergraduate/postgraduate students to be artist in residence at a local school for once a week for a whole term. The scheme also allows undergraduate/postgraduate artists to support school students from widening participation backgrounds to consider further progression and learning opportunities.

“During my residency I was able to gain a better understanding of the amount of work and commitment it means to be a teacher which has encouraged me further to gain more experience to help in pursuing a career in teaching. I was able to give any advice regarding coursework and final pieces of the students and I was excited to be able to introduce the students to more contemporary artists. It was a fantastic experience to be in a live working environment and to be able to witness the workings of an art department in a large secondary school with diverse learning abilities. I was well supported and given any feedback needed which only helped my confidence grow. The whole time I was there the staff were very friendly and were just as interested in what I was doing and getting up to, this made me feel very comfortable during my residency. I would recommend this to anybody who is interested in teaching as a future career.” – Lauren Harris (AUB student)

During the scheme HE students work in one particular art, design, media or performance class, ranging from year 9-year13. The role requires students to interpret whatever the class is working on in an inspiring and dynamic manner. This demonstration may take a number of forms with the use of varying materials. Its purpose is to demonstrate how, as an artist, one can interpret a brief creatively by looking outside the box for innovative and original solutions.

“Having a degree student working alongside our AS students has been a very fruitful experience. Aside from allowing our students to watch Kathryn’s work develop and her creative process unfold, she has made welcoming contributions during the students’ group and individual tutorials and has carried out practical demonstrations. Having another source of input into their work has been enriching experience for them. Kathryn has been an excellent role model and strengthened my students’ aspirations to continue to university.” – Local school teacher


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