Portfolio! is an initiative which, through targeted links, aims to support students from diverse backgrounds to access university.

The day, is held at AUB in the autumn term and offers potential students the opportunity to view the campus, receive invaluable portfolio advice (in art, design, media and performance) and have application guidance. Also, throughout the event participants take advantage of talking with current AUB students.

Research has shown that young people from backgrounds with no tradition of higher education are not always receiving good quality advice on how to put portfolios together. For many creative universities, the portfolio is used as a major deciding factor in the selection process. Because of this, large numbers of young people are put at a disadvantage when applying for a place at university, especially where competition for places are high.

The purpose of the day is to offer visiting students expert advice on their portfolios. We believe the day will go some way towards removing barriers to participation in higher education.

Annually in November approximately 170 students from schools and colleges from across the southwest and London take part in Portfolio!

”I found it extremely helpful and I think my portfolio will be much stronger”

”Seeing the work spaces and students’ work showed me what I could potentially be doing”

“Thank you for a great day, the students really enjoyed it”