BA (Hons) Graphic Design student sees his student project become a reality…

Earlier this year Kieran James had the opportunity to undertake a work placement at The Movember Foundation, a global charity committed to men living happier, healthier, longer lives.

Kieran says: “It was an amazing experience to work with Movember in their office, and for them to take my project and help me make it a real nationwide event across UK universities. Hopefully it will raise lots of money for the Men’s Health charity. I have to thank everyone at Movember for welcoming me and really helping make the Uni Pants Run a real event and giving me this incredible opportunity.”

Kieran gained the opportunity at Movember after doing a project in the second year of his course about men’s health. A subject he felt passionately about having endured many hours of tedious men’s health talks at school.

Kieran goes on to tells us that: “This motivated me to create a campaign that really spoke to my target audience about men’s health. I felt it was crucial to use the language and tone of voice that young men use themselves and I wanted to remove the embarrassment and stigma around the issue. The problem is that young men don’t openly talk about these issues and thus the signs can go ignored and untreated.  I want people to pro-actively get involved and be proud of their balls!

The aspect of my project that Movember wanted to develop was the event element of the campaign, The Pants Run.  The internship at Movember was extremely rewarding and the concept embraced by everyone. The project has now become The University Pants Run. An event scheduled to take place at many universities across the UK this November. We have put together a pants pack for students to purchase containing a pair of oddballs pants, pens to decorate the pants, a Movember headband and various other elements such as stickers and information about Movember.  I have also designed a series of posters to encourage students to get involved. It is then up to the students themselves to get sponsored to run and raise as much money as possible for men’s health.

I had no idea that my project would actually become a reality and really have the potential to do some good in the world. It has been an exceptionally rewarding experience.”