BA (Hons) Acting Alumni Rachel O’Hare is currently working with Duck Egg Theatre on ‘Leave Hitler To Me, Lad

We caught up with Rachel about her work:

“I’m doing a play called, ‘Leave Hitler To Me, Lad’ by Haley Cox. I applied for the job in 2012 on Casting Call Pro. We performed at The Brindley Theatre in Runcorn, which a man called Brian Hook came to watch. Later he became the Artistic Director of the studio space at the Arts Theatre West End in Leicester Square and asked us to bring the show to a London audience.

It’s a true story about a child, Brian, abandoned by his family to a care home and never collected again after WWII. It is both charming and shocking in equal measure. The music, by Ben Pringle (of the band Nerfherder) brings a real soul and intimacy to the piece. I play Brian’s older sister Pam, who goes to find him.

When I left AUB through the support of my course providing great workshops, I already had an 11 month touring contract with White Horse Theatre and an agent. Afterwards, I found it quite hard the first year or so I lived in London. I lost my agent, I didn’t have a great job and I didn’t know many people. You have to remember to focus on what makes you happy, small things, friends, eating out, starting up something of your own.

Duck Egg Theatre have done a lot for me, they are a wonderful company and I like working with children, and that is their unique selling point.

I now have a new agent and am excited about what’s to come!

My One Piece of Advice would be: Don’t be afraid to cut yourself off from anything bringing you down. Find yourself.”