Nicholas Bartlett

Year Graduated: 2006

Current Role:

Artist, Art Director, Creative Production Manager, Creative brand consultant. Designing shows such as Lovebox, Boomtown, Secret Garden party, Leeds

and Reading. Travelling all over the world to work on festivals. Working creatively with major brands, such as The North Face, Vice and Google.

How did the AUB course prepared you for your career?

‘The managerial tools were actually really useful, they’re semi-boring but impossible to do anything without, the network you get through the course is incredible, my career would have been impossible without it. Also the ability to make mistakes whilst you’re there, gives you the ability to become fearless and give it a go, to really believe in what you can do and what your peers can do’

One piece of advice:

‘Spend time at AUB developing your networks. Go big while you’re on the course at AUB, you are the curators of the future, so push the boundaries.