From 17th March – 29th April 2011, The Gallery at The Arts University Bournemouth is exhibiting the work of internationally renowned artist Hew Locke in collaboration with ArtSway, the contemporary visual arts venue in the New Forest.

Hew Locke was born in Edinburgh in 1959 before moving to the newly independent Guyana when he was seven and later returning to London in the 1980s. He studied for a BA Fine Art in Falmouth in 1988 and then completed an MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art in 1994. He now lives and works in London, exhibiting extensively in the UK and internationally. Most recently he was shortlisted for London?s Fourth Plinth.

His Gallery exhibition ?Are We There Yet?? features a vibrant mix of wall-reliefs, sculptures and drawings. Among the artwork on display, will be cardboard portraits of the Queen, the Queen Mother, Prince Charles and Princess Diana. The inspiration behind many of Hew?s pieces began when Hew started exploring links between his personal and his national identity, looking at the Royal Family as a vehicle through which he confronted and evaluated his experiences of growing up.

Locke has exhibited extensively around the UK, including Tate Britain as part of British Art Week, The V&A Museum, The New Art Gallery Walsall and The British Museum. His new commission ?Starchitect? for ArtSway, in collaboration with the University, was constructed from sheets of plywood, cut by Fine Art students at the Arts University and installed in ArtSway?s gallery space in February 2011. The structure is intended as a space in which mysterious objects are contained; ritual and votive objects, a secret space, a den, a play-house for the audience to journey in their own minds.

?Are We There Yet?? and ?Starchitect? will be accompanied by a publication of new work, Stranger in Paradise, with essays by Jens Hoffmann (Director of the Wattis Institute, San Francisco), Kobena Mercer (writer on the visual arts of the black diaspora) and Indra Khanna and supported by the text + work programme at the University. This publication is to be launched as part of ArtSway?s New Forest Pavilion at the 54th Biennale di Venezia in June, where Locke is one of six artists exhibiting for ArtSway.

?Are We There Yet?? is curated by Stephanie James, Head of Visual Arts at the Arts University runs from 14th March – 29th April in The Gallery. On Thursday 17th March at 4.30 there will be an opportunity to meet with Hew Locke and to join a discussion between Paul Hedge from the Hales Gallery and Stephanie James. For more information on the exhibition or the discussion, please visit