More than 19 Arts University Bournemouth alumni have been designing and creating models, prosthetics and special effects for Amazon’s hit TV series Carnival Row.

BA Make-up for Media and Performance lecturers Carolyne Hinds and Wayne Humphrey recently joined more than 19 AUB graduates working on Amazon Prime TV series Carnival Row, which has been shot and produced in the Czech Republic.

The big-budget series, which has already began shooting its second season in Prague, has attracted critical attention for parallels drawn between its depiction of poverty in a fantasy world and the strife of immigrants seeking asylum in Europe.

AUB Make Up Lecturer Carolyne Hinds became involved in the series after an invite from Makeup Effects Designer and AUB Honorary Fellow Nick Dudman, whose Creatures Department created effects for all eight Harry Potter films.

She said: “Nick has a lot of our alumni working with him on films, so I went to see how they were working with him. We are from an industry-background, so that gives us a unique insight into how our students are engaging with these departments and production units.

“The students, staff and alumni on Carnival Row are from a number of cohorts, the most experienced having graduated from AUB in 2013. Pete Tindall, one of our modelmaking graduates is also working on the series too.”