The life and times of plastic chairs: A creative writing approach to object narrative.

My research aims to create a literary narrative for chairs made of plastics that provides a rich, accessible expression of their significance and place in contemporary culture. As a creative writer I am interested in examining the poetic relationship between words and objects. Objects share our life journey, they are invested with meaning and unsurprisingly there is a long tradition of writing about them.

The chair has become one of the most designed objects and it has a strong locus in literature, history, art and design. It spans the spiritual, physical, psychological and philosophical, weaving its way into the fabric of human experience as object, symbol, emblem and metaphor. Plastics have been elevated in human consciousness, transforming the physical world, a material both demonised and desired. From objects of domesticity to works of art, plastics create new possibilities for writers, artists and designers.

My analysis and theoretical propositions will rely on the ‘stories’ and interpretation generated by the data sources or ‘multiple voices’, transforming these into a literary representation or ‘re-storying’. With the wider debate around creative writing and research, I will also critically reflect on the processes that underpin my journey toward a body of creative writing.

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