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Plastics - Arts University Bournemouth

Graduate – Sarah King, exhibiting at the British Craft Trade Fair with VIVE Designs

VIVE Designs, established in 2014 by Textiles Graduate Sarah King to display her work at this years British Craft Trade Fair.

VIVE Designs, the all acryclic homeware brand, will be exhibiting new contemporary Spring/Summer 2016 collection at the British Craft Trade Fair for the first time this year, in the Newcomers gallery. VIVE Designs will be showing the full range of ‘VIVE HOME’ products as well as the ‘VIVE PLAY’ board game collection.

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Beastly Designs

Beastly Designs opens 19th November 2012 and closes 28th April 2013 –

Animals have evolved over thousands of years to maximise the potential of their most defining characteristics, for example the long grasping fingers and arms of an ape, the coiling of a snake, the far reaching, curving neck of the brontosaurus, the streamlined aerodynamics of birds, and arguably, the poise, elegance and adaptability of the human form.

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