Student Profiles: MA Commercial Photography

CJ Cordice

Work from ‘Foreign Bodies’ by CJ Cordice

“An individual’s mind creates their own perception of reality. Mental health issues can alter this perception and create distortion in the mind. ‘Foreign bodies’ explores the links between subconscious thoughts, the mind and the creation of a reality where the body is presented in a manner that disrupts the natural order.”

Jessy Boon Cowler

Work by Jessy Boon Cowler

Work by Jessy Boon Cowler

I’m a photographic artist born and based in London. I explore my concerns with the dislocations between the constructed and the natural worlds, and the intellectual and the physical, through the tensions between digital and analogue image making. My work is process-led and a form of self-therapy.

I’ve exhibited at the Cob Gallery, Candid Arts and the AOP galleries in London; The Viking Gallery, Margate; Angel Row, Nottingham; in Buenos Aires and Bogota, and been published in Uncertain States, Humble Arts Foundation and Source Photographic Review, amongst others. I’ve collaborated with NGOs in the UK and Latin America, facilitating photography workshops as a means to educate and empower disadvantaged people through self-expression.

Alan Ewart MA Commercial photography

‘Lucy & Finlay’ by Alan Ewart

‘Stuart, Isobel, John & Caitlin’ by Alan Ewart

“I’m a retired Police Officer and a lifelong photographer. I took up writing and photography in the music industry after taking early retirement.

Having previously achieved a social sciences degree, it is perhaps no surprise that my studies, for the MA in Commercial Photography, focus on social issues, particularly those that illustrate how family structures are changing in the UK.

My current projects feature volunteers and members of my own family, all of whom have interesting and often traumatic stories to tell. This work will be continued after graduation as I build a comprehensive photographic research project, one that I believe shows that; “when it comes to family, different is the new normal.”

Srinath G M

Work by Srinath G M

Work by Srinath G M

Artisans of Dorset is a photographic project where I chose to document the works and lives of artisans in Dorset. Advertorial and documercial images produced in this series highlights on various artisanal values and will provide better visibility status to their businesses in the existing marketplace.

I travelled across the county, interviewing business owners and chose the ones who could justify the term ‘artisan’. An idea to include businesses and people in the landscape of this county led to the birth of this project.

This project is a response to my past photographic projects done on a commercial level to promote the products made by artisans in India.

I will continue to document more artisans on a personal level and with help of agencies, Internet and social media, I would like to create a resurgence in artisan businesses and encourage the urban masses to purchase more responsibly.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Pipeline Engineering and worked as a Sales & Marketing executive for five years in two different oil and gas firms prior to turning a full-time photographer.”

More from this series can be found on Instagram: srinath_rao88.

Lucy Hayto MA Commercial Photography

Work by Lucy Hayto


Work by Lucy Hayto

“As Alfred Lord Tennyson once wrote ‘nothing was born, nothing will die, all things will change’. With rise in temperatures, erosion, sea level rising and storm surges, our planet is changing more than ever. My project All Things Will Change looks at the natural process of coastal erosion that has been under increased threat from global warming. The project intends to inform and educate people on this process and how it is affecting our coastlines.”

Soham Jangam

‘Utterly Unnecessary’ by Soham Jangam

‘Utterly Unnecessary’ by Soham Jangam

“Utterly Unnecessary explores the increasing and irresponsible use of plastics in today’s world. The project addresses current environmental issues concerning plastics with a focus on the consequences of humans’ impact on the environment with regards to littering, negligence and a lack of ethics.

The project deals with the idea of how we are surrounded by plastics and how it affects the environment. “Utterly Unnecessary” therefore presents these ideas in a visual form which circulates these ideas to inform audiences on the consequences of their actions.”


Anirud Krishna

EXIT…? by Anirud Krishna

Brexit is making things messy for immigrant people they call home. The project is based on what happens to them, their opinion on Brexit, how they will move forward.

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Mark Leary - MA Commercial Photography

The Shipping Forecast: Plymouth no. 2 by Mark Leary

The A4: Bird Nests no. 2 by Mark leary

“I’m a contemporary film-maker and photographer who is interested in observing the everyday, capturing the minutiae of life and translating it into moments of intrigue and magic – whether it be for personal work, an exhibition, advertising campaigns or a TV commercial.

Within my work, I home in on the familiar and try to reposition it with atmosphere, subtlety and beauty. My imagery holds a strong narrative which I want the audience to identify with – whether it is a mundane detail, panoramic landscape or the raw honesty of portraiture.

With a unique colour palette and particular style of lighting, I create a familiar (almost nostalgic) feeling in my imagery whilst pertaining relevance to a modern, stylised aesthetic. My work has been described as dreamlike and displaying a magical quality whilst conveying universal concepts of wonder, adventure, exploration and mindfulness.

Working with a mixture of both analogue large-format film and digital capture I employ traditional darkroom printing techniques along with digital manipulation to produce each piece of work.

Returning to study twenty-five years after originally attending college, I have chosen to document solitude for my final body of work – ‘A Moment Either Side’ looks at the outdoor space and how both solitude and crowds can combine in having a positive effect on an individual’s mental state.”

Camilla Murray

Work by Camilla Murray

Work by Camilla Murray

“When ‘gender’ is questioned, the answer is not at all straightforward. We are usually faced with opposing opinions surrounding the biological hypothesises and the social constructions we associate with it. In some cases, gender is argued to be derived from biological and reproductive characteristics of sex; from the hormonal, chromosomal and physical differences.

Testosterone is an alleged denominator separating male from female, thus, solidifying our preconceived ideas on gendered behaviour and stereotyping.

With that, my work aims to question the idea of gender as fluid through the documenting of a single boy, Jayden, found within different narratives to raise the questions surrounding our perceptions on gender through visual storytelling and thus, combining the dialogue between gender as a biological aspect and that of its embodying social constructs.”


Shuxian Pan

Work by Shuxian Pan

Work by Shuxian Pan

“This project is to look at how society is becoming more accepting of the combining of cultures. The examination of this project involves two cultures joining together with a focus on eastern and western individuals.

For representing this concept I thought to combine different characters of western and eastern faces to symbolise cultural gap and compatibility by abstract photomontage.”

Find out more on Shuxian’s Website


Elizabeth Vickers MA Commercial Photography

‘The Last Supper’ by Elizabeth Vickers

‘Road to Emmaus’ by Elizabeth Vickers

“Having spent a great deal of my time photographing fine art paintings and objects, I started my Masters in Commercial Photography in the hope of photographing people and fashion. What has happened, to my surprise, is that I have been lighting people in a way an artist would, in the dutch old master’s style.

My research has been ‘An Anthropological View of Video Games’ looking in particular at the isolation I feel when others game and the money taken in this industry which in some cases draws similarities to gambling.  The intensity of gamers to game fascinates me.”

See more of Elizabeth’s work on her website.

Kirsty Wood

Work by Kirsty Wood

Work by Kirsty Wood

In a world which thrives on the connectivity of the digital age and photo filter applications we find ourselves living in a balance between truth and perception. I find myself inspired by our relationship with social media and body image. ‘Filtered’ explores the lines between the self and the idealised.