Third year students from the Costume with Performance Design course at The Arts University Bournemouth have spent the last few months creating intricate replicas of the Queen’s Wedding and Coronation Dress for the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations at the beginning of June.

The Third year students were commissioned to make the intricate replicas for the Kirkburton Community Project in Huddersfield. A couple of students have been working on the Coronation Dress, involved with every aspect of the design and making process. Student Heather Coad made the dress alongside Helen Hodges who assisted with the elaborate embroidery.

Graduating student Dorte Kimer created the iconic Wedding Dress, cutting the fabric and making the dress before sending it to Huddersfield University for the embroidery. She commented “I have really enjoyed working with this dress not least because both Elizabeth and the original dress were very beautiful. The most interesting element of the project though, has been to look into the context of the original dress. It not only represents a future Queen’s wedding, but 1947 was a particular time in English history where the joy of victory was fading with the struggle of rebuilding the country. This made the event perhaps even more magical than all other Royal Weddings, a show for the people of England – almost a theatrical event.”

Student Heather Coad, who made the Coronation Dress commented “I felt so privileged to work on this amazing project and recreate the Queen’s Coronation Dress. It was really interesting to research details on the Coronation ceremony, looking at previous Coronation robes worn by the Queen and the history of the original dress. The project has been a main part of my final year and I am very proud of the final outcome. It was a great challenge to supervise this collaborative project so that many different Costume students could work on the intricate embroidery of the garment.”

Senior Costume Lecturer Mandy Barrington who advised the students on this live commission commented “It has been wonderful to see these fascinating dresses come to life under the students hands. Many hours have been spent painstakingly recreating the dresses using pictures and diagrams to ensure the accuracy of the work – we are all very proud of the finished dresses.”

Both dresses will be on show in the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Huddersfield before coming back to the AUB to be exhibited in our HE Summer Show from 21st – 28th June 2012. Please visit our Summer Shows page for more information.