‘Love the Pier’ is an event that celebrates the influence of Elisabeth Scott, an influential female architect who designed Bournemouth’s Pier Theatre. Elisabeth passed away on 19th June 1972 and 40 years later, on 19th June 2012, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) in conjunction with The Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) will be celebrating the architectural and social history of Bournemouth Pier and the Pier Theatre through a series of events including a campaign to collect memories of Bournemouth Pier, which opened in 1880.

‘Love the Pier’ features an exhibition by students from the AUB; guided and self guided tours of the building; ‘Ask an Architect’ from RIBA; and concludes with a talk in Bournemouth Pavilion on Pioneering Women in Architecture, where the life and work of Elisabeth Scott – whose contribution to the Pier Theatre paved the way for women in architecture – will be celebrated.

‘Love the Pier’ is part of the RIBA ‘Love Architecture Festival 2012’, an amazing range of events across England and Wales that brings architecture alive.

‘Love the Pier’ Memories

the AUB is asking members of the public to get involved in this historic one-day event by emailing their memories and photographs of Bournemouth Pier and the Pier Theatre to lovethepier@aub.ac.uk – the memories and photographs will form part of the exhibition in the Pier Theatre on 19th June 2012.

Renowned Theatre Producer Paul Elliott who began his professional career as an actor on stage at the Palace Court Theatre in Bournemouth in June 1958 has provided us with some of the first ‘Love the Pier’ memories:

“I first did a summer season in 1968 with Bob Monkhouse in “Uproar in the House” by the same authors of “No Sex Please we’re British”…we were a moderate success but on one matinee in the height of the season there were only 30 people booked in. Bob Monkhouse didn’t want to do the play to so few…so he went out front and asked the audience “Do you want to see the play or would you like me to take you to the café behind the theatre and have tea with me?”…the audience chose the tea party and Bob did half an hour of jokes and the company had the afternoon off!”

“The funniest thing was when they staged Ray Cooney’s farce “Out Of Order” they put a big sign up at the front of the theatre that could be seen from the beach saying “Out of Order”…the public thought the Pier was “Out of Order” and wondered why no-one was booking!!”

Send us your Pier and Pier Theatre memories and become a part of Pier Theatre history before the venue is converted into an adventure sports attraction in 2013. Email your memories and pictures to lovethepier@aub.ac.uk and make sure you visit the Pier Theatre on 19th June 2012 where you will be able to reminisce and celebrate over 100 years of history in this prominent local landmark