“For me it was important to look for a college where I wouldn’t drown among hundreds of students and could establish a relationship with my lecturers. I did some research on Bournemouth and the AUB and decided to give it a try as I fell for its nice location by the sea! I’m glad I did!

The course gave us an introduction to many important aspects of the fashion industry e.g. marketing, business, research etc, which is of great benefit to me now I’m establishing my own brand. The best part was developing patterns with my design teacher at the time, Bashir Aswat. He was real mentor and I am deeply grateful for what he taught me over the years.”

On winning Project Runway?

“A year and a half ago I was doing the same thing as I’m doing now, but now everybody in the fashion industry knows my name. It’s given me the unique opportunity to focus on the design work, but I still have a long way to go! It’s hard to establish your own brand; the design part diminishes as you’ve got a thousand other things to focus on as well.”

On current projects?

“I’m collaborating with Tina Haagensen, runner up onProject Runway, to establish our own individual brands.  We’ve each got our own distinct style and don’t see each other as a competitor so I think it’s a clever move. If everything goes to plan we will be starting production of the Spring/Summer 09 collection soon. In addition to this we are both collaborating with Regnskogsfondet (The Rainforest Foundation) and the Norwegian equivalent of eBay, FINN, on a project focusing on the environment and reusing old clothes.”

On the best part of his job?

“Developing the S/S 09 collection I do EVERYTHING myself. I get guidance from my business advisor from Innovation Norway, but she can only give me input on how to develop as a brand, I have to do all the work myself….and it’s hard! The best part is finally seeing the end result of what was once just a dream.”

On his long-term goals?

“My long-term plans are to get my label up and running and to be able to make a proper living out of it! My ultimate goal would be to be able to take on staff to handle marketing, administration, finance and a few designers with brilliant conceptual ideas to develop collections and to promote them.”