From insects that live in your outside toilet to a critical dictionary that emphasises the open-ended, provisional and unfinished nature of language, Lecturers at Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) continue to publish tomes across a plethora of creative subjects that not only emphasise their specialism but also highlight their continuing involvement in the creative industries.

Over 30 books have been published in the last seven years, with the books being sold on bookshelves across the country, including in the Tate and on Amazon. The latest book to be published, ‘Insect Theatre’ by Tim Edgar, Senior Lecturer in Photography investigates the epic struggles of the insects that colonise his outside toilet, visually told through a series of intricate macro photographs. Although not the most conventional setting for a book, as Tim explained, he has always been drawn to “unspectacular natural history” and bringing it to life.

David Evans, Senior Lecturer, History and Theory of Photography regularly writes for a number of publications. His recent writings on art and photography have appeared in ‘History of Photography, Oxford Art Journal’ and ‘Photography & Culture’. He is the editor of the anthology ‘Appropriation’ in the new series ‘Documents of Contemporary Art’ and his book, ‘Critical Dictionary’, inspired by the mock dictionary Georges Bataille edited for ‘Documents’ in 1929 and 1930, is an adventurous title, aiming to puncture pretension, and declassify terms in a playful, humorous manner. Bringing together newly commissioned work, material gathered from online art magazine, and featuring elements such as a retrospective assessment of the ZG magazine by former editor Rosetta Brooks, ‘Critical Dictionary’ is a rich exploration of ideas and language in all its forms.

‘Basics Interior Architecture 05: Textiles and Materials’ by Interior Architecture and Design Course Leader Russell Gagg is an historical and critical consideration of all that makes up our interior. The book explores the choice and use of materials and evaluates the effects of these choices on a space, discussing topics such as light, termperature, acoustics and general atmosphere. Readers are encouraged to consider the sustainability of each material and its future use, with text being accompanied by both historical and contemporary case studies answering some compelling interior questions including where the Neolithic man put the chaise longue in the burial mound and how long it took the Centurion to tile his Thermae.

In addition, TheGallery at Arts University Bournemouth publishes a number of books as part of its Text+Work series, to accompany each exhibition. Professor Jim Hunter, Deputy Vice Chancellor at AUB’s book, ‘A Short Grand Tour’ in association with Simon Olding, critiques a series of Jim’s paintings undertaken in Venice.

‘From Here to There’ by Phil Beards, Course Leader for Digital Media Production, and former colleague Geoff Drury highlights 50 years of   photography talent at Arts University Bournemouth, featuring the work of over 20 AUB alumni from around the world.

All of these publications highlight the continuing professional development undertaken by the academic staff at AUB to ensure they remain at the forefront of the industry – and to provide students with academics who continue to practice what they preach.