In 2012,  2nd year Film Production student Myriam Raja launched Cine Pak, a not for profit project which aims to offer filmmaking workshops to underprivileged children in Pakistan.

On 9th December 2012 she flew out to Pakistan and ran 6 full days of filmmaking workshops to a group of schoolgirls in the rural district of Toba Tek Singh, in Punjab. This December, she is going to do it all again.

Myriam tells us more about this incredible project:

“I began filmmaking at the age of 14 after attending a local filmmaking workshop being run by local production company Resource Productions, in Slough Berkshire. I attended almost every film related workshop they ran, did work experience there and soon enough began working with them as a workshop assistant, mentor and filmmaking tutor. I continue to work with them every summer, now designing, organising and delivering filmmaking workshops to large groups of children. My passion for teaching film stems from that. The Film Production course has developed this passion, and the moral support from the students and staff has been really important with this project.

In 2012 I applied for the Innovators Fund on IdeasTap and was selected as one of 9 national winners. The award was a funding grant of £1,000 which I used to set up and run Cine Pak. Alongside the £1,000 funding received from IdeasTap, I raised an extra £250 through crowdfunding – most that money was donated by fellow students at the University.The project aimed to offer a series of free film making workshops to the children, actively encouraging them to learn the basics and fundamentals of film making and to freely and creatively express themselves or explore political and social issues.

This year The Grierson Trust will be lending support to the project this time round and are providing a generous grant of £1,200. I will now be flying out on the 8th of December.

The workshops this time will specifically focus on documentary practice and the children will be given certain themes, or social issues, such as Education, Health, Employment or Women’s Rights to explore and research and then create a short documentary on. The children will be taught interview techniques, the importance and practice of research and will at the same time be encouraged to look at the issues around them and find innovative and creative ways to research and represent them.”

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