“I would challenge you to a battle of wits, but I see you are unarmed!”
― William Shakespeare

Graphic Design Alumnus, Edd Joseph is being talked about in many of the biggest newspapers from around the globe due to his dynamic idea of using Shakespeare to get revenge for a con he fell into.

After Edd was scammed by a Gumtree seller not delivering the PS3 games console he ordered for £80. He decided to take his revenge by texting him the entirety of an assortment of William Shakespeare plays.

We asked Edd how he came up with the idea and he said: “I think ultimately it came from wanting to send something that would completely dumbfound him, catch him off-guard, and that was exceptionally long.”

He discovered he could copy the words from the internet and paste them into a text message – without costing him anything on his unlimited mobile phone package. He sent it as one text but his victim receives them in 160 character messages- meaning the 37 works of Shakespeare will drone through in 29,305 individual texts. Edd sent 22 plays including Hamlet, Macbeth and Othello which have been delivered in 17,424 texts. He believes the remaining 15 works will take another few days to send – meaning his opponent’s phone will have been constantly beeping for nearly a full week.

When we asked Edd what he hoped this would achieve, he responded: I hope that to some extent it will warn people against dodgy bank transfers to people you don’t know, but at the end of the day – I hope it will make people laugh. I didn’t do it for attention, the press or anyone really; I was just having a brilliant time winding up a criminal with fantastic literature. The fact that it has struck a chord with so many people is amazing; I have been utterly overwhelmed by the scale of the story!”