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Tim Goldsmith

Technician Demonstrator – Faculty of Media and Performance

B.A. Hons Music Technology (TVU 2006)


I am always keen to learn new skills and gain new experience of areas which I am less familiar with in order to perform my duties in a more satisfying and effective way. I am
happy to undertake staff development appropriate to the post as may be identified and required from time to time, and in accordance with the University’s Staff Development Policy.

A large part of my job is Health and Safety centric and I am constantly aware of the risks and hazards that exist within the environment that myself, colleagues and students are working in and my responsibility to safeguard these areas and make modifications where necessary. I am able to observe and implement health and safety responsibilities as specified within AUB’s Health and Safety Policy.  I take pride in my work and the organisation I belong to and as such I am able to demonstrate professionalism in the role as a representative of the AUB, incorporating AUB core values in the delivery of duties.

Working at an arts University, I am fully aware that it is vital I must observe equality and diversity practices and procedures and promote equality of opportunity at all times and have always been comfortable in doing this.  I am comfortably able to observe and adhere to all AUB policies relevant to the role.  Due to the varied and spontaneous nature of my job role, I am happy with the need to undertake such other duties as may reasonably be requested.

I look forward to continuing in my positive and productive contribution to the AUB as a Technician Demonstrator and welcome any new challenges as and when they present themselves.

Professional practice

Before the start of each academic year, I am aware of which inductions I will be delivering and this allows me to formulate any resources or documents that I may need in order to disseminate and present the information more effectively. I create my own presentation structure, handouts and exercises and this is shared with the tech team for further opinion. In turn we all contribute ideas/suggestions to one another in order to maximise the efficiency of our presentations.

I am able to analyse my role and the tasks involved as and when necessary and if and when i need to present this I am more than capable of doing so in either written or verbal form. As an every day element to my job role I am able to provide advice and guidance on specialist areas(s) to inform decision making.  I am fully able demonstrate a depth and breadth of knowledge and experience whilst undertaking tasks as I have been involved in the film tech team now for more than 9 years and have gained a huge amount of experience in this time.

I keep accurate equipment maintenance records including PAT testing data along with various resource related activity such as purchasing and repair tasks which may be used for internal and external reporting purposes.

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