Richard Waring’s professional output


Public artwork – Published 22nd Nov 17

Transmission, a new work by Waring and Hutchings, re-envisions Anthony Caro’s sculpture, Sea Music, as a performative spectacle. In Transmission, the sculpture becomes a stage for a new work combining projection, sound and movement.

The work plays with the multiple meanings of scan. To scan is to search; to traverse; to resolve for transmission; to analyse the rhythms of sound; to convert into digital form. This conversion, the transformation of objects into numerical code, has enabled the digitization of archives, libraries and collections across the world. The scanner is like a vast universal eye flicking through space, translating everything in its field into signals. These signals, compressed and stored as bits and bytes, can be called upon at anytime to reveal the world as an image.

For a long time, starting from Plato, it was believed that the eye itself was a source of light, making the world visible through the emission of its beams.

Waring’s gesture connects us to these ancient ideas of seeing: the Platonic eye roaming the world with its rays. His projected pulses of light transform the dimensional world into the planar world, framing and recomposing the sculpture as an image.

This becoming image enacts a dimensional loss – the collapse of volume into surface.