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Entanglement in Shakespeare’s Text: Using Interpretive Mnemonics in ‘Using Art as Research in Teaching and Learning’

Section of a Book – Published 5th Dec 18

This chapter describes the study the author carried out with two 2nd year acting degree students assessed as dyslexic, and how they gained an autonomy over the processing and performing of Shakespeare’s text. The study aimed to develop inclusive teaching strategies to facilitate the abilities of those with dyslexia and bypass their difficulties with reading.  For those with dyslexia the reading and speaking of Shakespeare’s text can present significant challenges. This difficulty undermines practical work and masks the abilities of the dyslexic student actor. Conversely, Shakespeare’s rich language encourages a construction of meaning through visually interpreted modalities.  The study demonstrated that the participants created an additional text of drawings, colours and symbols, replacing the alphabetical text, embedding meaning into long-term memory. This chapter shares the experiences of the two students and the author as teacher. 


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Publication title Using Art as Research in Teaching and Learning
Author(s) Petronilla Whitfield
Publishers name Intellect Books
Number of pages 18
Page range 181–198
ISBN 978-1-78320-892-0