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Teaching Strategies for Neurodiversity and Dyslexia in Actor Training:Sensing Shakespeare

Book – Published 23rd Aug 19

Teaching Strategies for Neurodiversity and Dyslexia in Actor Training addresses some of the challenges met by acting students with dyslexia and highlights the abilities demonstrated by individuals with specific learning differences in actor training. Utilising Shakespeare’s text as a laboratory of practice, the book offers six tested teaching strategies, created from practical and theoretical research investigations with dyslexic acting students. It is a valuable resources for voice and actor training,professional performance, and for those who are curious about emancipatory methods that support difference through humanistic teaching philosophies. 

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Publication status Published
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Publication title Teaching Strategies for Neurodiversity and Dyslexia in Actor Training:Sensing Shakespeare. 
Author(s) Petronilla Whitfield
Publishers name Routledge
ISBN Hardback ISBN 978113