Prof. Paul Wenham-Clarke’s professional output

The Westway: a portrait of a community

Exhibition or Installation – Published 9th Jan 13

The research was primarily sociological, documenting the lives of those living beneath and in the shadow of the A40 flyover in west London which bulldozed through the heart of North Kensington in the 1960s taking with it 600 homes and forcing 1,000 people to leave the area.  It also employed methodologies of oral history, using selected quotations from interviewees to accompany the images, developed during a previous project Hard Times (2011).  

The research involved working to win the confidence of the subjects Wenham-Clarke intended to photograph and gaining their consent; this included a Gypsy community where outsiders were not normally welcomed.

This project provided unprecedented insights into the homes, businesses, sports facilities and educational centres of those living under the Westway; it also highlighted the multi-cultural aspects of the area and revealed some very positive aspects of living in a modern, ethnically diverse Britain.

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Publication status Published
Publication title The Westway: a portrait of a community
Author(s) Prof. Paul Wenham-Clarke
Publishers name St Martin-in-the-fields Gallery in the Crypt