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Distribution and trade press strategies for British animated propaganda cartoons of the First World War era

Article – Published 1st Jun 05

This article is part of a larger research project. See also ‘British Animated Propaganda Cartoons of the First World War: Issues of Topicality’ (Animation Journal, vol. 11, 2003, pp.64-83). Both articles are related to a conference paper, ‘British Animated Cartoons and Topical Propaganda 1914-18’ delivered by Ward at ‘Crossing the Pond: The Special Relationship between Britain and America’ (The Fourth British Silent Cinema Weekend, Nottingham Broadway Centre, 6-8 April 2001).

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Publication status Published
Refereed 1
Publication title Historical journal of film, radio and television
Publishers name Routledge
Volume 25
Identification number 2
Page range 198–201
ISSN 0143-9685