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Pete Tindall

BA modelmaking for design and media


Since graduating from the AUB in 2003 I have enjoyed a varied career in prosthetic make up FX and creature construction. some of the projects I have had involvement with include ‘Batman Begins’, ‘Charlie and the chocolate Factory’, ‘Doctor Who’, ‘The Wolfman’ and more recently ‘Mission impossible 5’. After 10 years I decided to turn my attention to a career in education. I found myself teaching part time at many collages and Universities across the UK. I finally settled at the AUB and became a senior lecturer on the BA make up for media and performance in 2011 specialising in prosthetic make up.

Professional practice

I am constantly looking to update my skills to enable me to teach the latest industry techniques in the classroom. I have strong connections to the Make-up FX industry and am able to take advantage of this. I continue to develop my skills through short industry secondments. With regards to teaching I have 6 years worth of teaching experience at the AUB. I also currently teach a short evening class in fantasy creature design.

Research Specialism

My interest in prosthetic materials innovation over the years continues to describe my personal research activities. I am currently looking at the use of prosthetic make–up materials in conjunction with 3D digital technology in order to streamline the production of 3D prosthetic Make-up FX. In doing this I am developing my skills in 3D digital sculpting and real time facial scanning. Along with this I am also developing my skills in hyper realistic silicone sculpture. Integrating modern materials and techniques with historical methodologies means I am able to work toward a higher level of finish in my sculpture. As my role as senior lecturer is predominantly related to the specialism of prosthetic make-up design, manufacture and application my personal research is directly related. The prosthetic make-up industry is constantly in development and as such my personal research not only relates to industry developments it also helps in the development of the course content.

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