Fine Art and Illustration

Paul Finnegan

Senior Lecturer – Fine Art


Paul is a practicing artist with an extensive exhibiting history. He has had solo exhibitions at the Entwistle Gallery and One in the Other Gallery in London, and participated in many group shows including, Sensation: Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection at the Royal Academy and Ideal Standard Summertime at the Lisson Gallery. His work is represented in the Arts Council Collection.

Professional memberships

  • National Association of Fine Art Educators

Research Specialism

Paul’s research is concerned with the prospect of applying psychoanalytic theory beyond its usual object of study, i.e. the human subject, and putting that which is non-human on the analyst’s couch. Such an approach arises with the prospect of an “ontological psychoanalysis” or a “psychoanalysis of nature”, that is nascent in Lacan’s corpus, and that has been of renewed interest to those now proposing a “non-human turn” in art theory and practice. What interests Paul in adopting the perspective that not only human nature, but nature in general, is structured by an inherent “lack”, is how, within this interpretative framework, the art work can be situated differently in relation to both the human and the non-human. By adopting the premise that the materials employed in an artwork are not those of a naturalism that takes matter to be harmonious, he is interested in the political consequences of problematizing the naturalness of “nature” in this way. Paul is currently undertaking this research in the form of a practice led PhD at the University of Plymouth.

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