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Monica Franchin

Senior Lecturer – Interior Architecture and Design

Part III Architect


Monica graduated from the University of Architecture in Venice (IUAV).Before starting her teaching career Monica worked as Interior Architect for many years designing exhibition spaces, retail shops, restaurants, and hotels. In Italy Monica worked for Grassi Architects designing for the retail industry , including projects for brands such as Max Mara, Kelvin Klein, Benetton and Prada This gave her the opportunity to be involved in many international projects.When she moved to the UK in 2011 Monica worked at Creed Design,  designing for the hospitality sector.In 2013 she started to work as a lecturer in Interior Design at Birmingham City University. This included teaching overseas in Hong Kong gaining experience in teaching to international students .She was also involved in a project regarding the realization of a Material Library for the 3D course and she was the Erasmus Coordinator for the course.In April 2016 she joined AUB where she is Level 4 coordinator.

Professional practice

Monica’s work has usually involved carrying the projects through every phase of their development; including initial client consultation and meetings through measuring and subsequent drawing-up of project plans, researching and specifying with external suppliers, through to on site supervision at the construction phase, paying particular attention to budget control, all-professions construction schedules, and contiguous maintenance of quality levels.

For Monica the benefit of teaching is to pass on to students her expertise and experience, whilst also learning as part of the two way traffic of teaching. Additionally the opportunity to engage/exchange in a more freely creative concepts and projects. Her main interest is to explore the potential of Interior Architecture as a possibility to manipulate the space in a creative way, Monica strongly believes in a deep connection between art and design.

Professional memberships

  • ARB
  • Albo Professionale degli Architetti

Research Specialism

Monica research field is to explore a link between Architecture and Spacial art. There is an international interest in a conceptual exploration of how we inhabit space in area of study that is distinct from architecture but still uses the same language and procedure. Monica researches the impressive archive of the Venice Biennale where this kind of approach has been experimented in infinite occasions.

Of course her research field could have the potential to cross the boundary between Architecture, Fine Art, Theatre and Performance, with several opportunity to make as well as a conceptual and philosophical approach a more practical outcomes, with the possibility for students and tutors to be involved in live projects.

The link between architecture and spacial art is that both of them contains the energy of live bodies, there are strong possibilities in utilising a cross link creative intelligence across multiple creative disciplines in order to achieve unique spacial conditions, that can continuously change accordingly with social, political and cultural context.

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