Martin Coyne

Senior Lecturer – Commercial Photography

BA (Hons), MA


Martin is a regularly commissioned filmmaker and published photographer specialising in documentary work and portraiture. He is able to use studio lighting to its best effect whilst having the skill to sensitively utilise natural light. Equally comfortable with film-based and digital media, having the knowledge to discern the suitable medium for a given subject. Fluent in the use of the the Adobe Creative Suite as well as film based processes.­ He is a devotee of the graphic coding interface vvvv which he uses to produce custom software for interactive multimedia installations.

Professional practice

Martin has been teaching photography and video for over a decade. He has worked as a photographer and filmmaker for over twenty years. He has produced work for a diverse range of clients working in Europe, Africa and China. As well as his commercial and documentary practice he now produces interactive, multimedia installation using cutting edge techniques and technology. He has won awards for both his photography and art work.


  • Best Emerging Artist BEAF (Bournemouth Emerging Art Fringe) (2016)
  • 1st Prize in Compas (Centre on Migration, Policy, and Society) Photography Competition (2011)

Research Specialism

Martin’s research involves investigating cutting edge digital practices such projection mapping, physical computing, machine learning, graphic coding interfaces. As well as utilising these strategies in his practice he is involved in the discourse of how these elements of new media culturally and conceptually impact the photographic community of makers and teachers. He has been commisioned by Poole Borough Council, Bournemouth Borough Council and Ligh Up Poole Arts Festival to produce large scale digital installations. He is an active member of the AUB Photography Research Group and Black Mirror Research Group.

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