Centre for Creative Learning

Lucy Devall

Innovation Studio Outreach Senior Officer – Centre for Creative Learning

MSc Innovation for Sustainable International Development, BA (Hons) International Fashion Marketing


Lucy is the Innovation Officer and is responsible for developing industry innovation activities for the university within Dorset and to wider regions. Activities cover access to AUB facilities, collaboration and grant funding via European Structural Investment Funds for the development of new products and services.

Lucy has a background in managing innovation projects and a keen interest in sustainable development. Initially trained in textiles and clothing manufacturing she has worked within smart textiles, fashion marketing and more recently led research and development projects for maker space institutes in the UK and east Africa, with a focus on design thinking, citizen technology and appropriate technology for sustainable development.

Professional practice

Awarded 2019 Global Challenges Research Funding (GCRF) to explore design interventions for public rescue efforts in Zanzibar, Tanzania, alongside the RNLI International team.

I successfully led on the bid and coordination for the RNLI Design Out Drowning challenge (2018) which provides staff and student architecture support for environmental auditing of key sites across Devon and Cornwall.

Continue to provide support for knowledge exchange projects that cover student live briefs, student internships, staff research opportunities and consultancy support with external organisations. These include: RNLI International, Ruhm, Tache, Tom’s Studio, Templo, Studio Wood, Aetha Design, Access Lifts, Pongoose Climbing, Home Thrown Studios, amongst others.

Co-curator of the Creative Exchange exhibition (2018-2020) showcasing staff-led Knowledge Exchange projects from across AUB.

I am an active member of AUB’s Environment Committee and the Tier 1 visa panel for graduate entrepreneurship.


  • Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) (2019–2019)


Research Specialism

I have been awarded Global Challenges Research Funding (GCRF) for 2019 to research design interventions for public rescue in low-resource environments, alongside the RNLI International team. In September 2019 I will be travelling out to Zanzibar, Tanzania to conduct the first stage of this.

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