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Performance in Print: Channelling Tōmatsu Shōmei’s NO.541

Article – Published 1st Sep 18

This is an article written in collaboration with Dr Julian Ross, a research fellow at University of Westminster and a Programmer at International Film Festival Rotterdam. The collaboration was developed within Theatre and Photography research group, co-convened by Dr Wiebke Leister (LCC) and Dr Joel Anderson (Royal Central), focusing on dialogical writing as a method of presenting research in the field.

The article focuses on Tōmatsu Shōmei’s feature NO.541 from the spring 1971 issue of the magazine Kikan shashin eizō, a record of a performance in which eight actors, a reporter and a cameraman spent 24 hours together at an undisclosed location. It addresses several themes relevant to the feature by adopting some of its main strategies, such as fragmentation and improvisation, and by reproducing several photographs and parts of the tape recording in translation.

Publication details

Publication status Published
Refereed 1
Publication title Photography & Culture
Author(s) Julian Ross and Jelena Stojković
Publishers name Taylor & Francis
Volume 11:2, 2018
Page range 181–196
ISSN 1751-4517