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Performative authorship in zines, self and micropublishing

Article – Published 13th Jul 18

Zine, self and micro-publishing has seen a spectacular resurgence in the last decade, with individuals within tight communities pushing the boundaries of the practice in terms of form, content and process.

This paper will examine ways in which this reinvestment of illustrative authorship has been stimulated by the iterative and performative aspects of zines, self and micro-publishing, through the discussion of varied publications’ genesis with their illustrators – including my own self-published book The House.

This paper will consider how performance underpins both the motivation and creative process of such publications so as to highlight potential contributions of the scene to wider illustrative authoring practices.

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Publication status Published
Publication title CONFIA 2018 - 6th Conference on Illustration and Animation
Author(s) Gabriele Cariolle
Publishers name IPCA
Number of pages 11
Page range 314–324
ISBN 978-989-99861-6-9