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Elena Crehan

Senior Lecturer (HE) – Fashion



After graduating from Central Saint Martins with an MA in Textiles for Fashion under Professor Louise Wilson, Elena has worked as a freelance designer at a wide range of luxury fashion companies including Alexander McQueen and Tom Ford. At each of these companies Elena was involved with all aspects of design and make, from initial research to stitching textiles pieces for show garments. At Alexander McQueen Elena was employed to assist as part of a small select team at five consecutive Paris Fashion Week Shows and was also trusted as part of a team of three to set up and archive the Alexander McQueen collections following Lee McQueen’s death.  Elena was the embroidery / textiles designer from 2014 to 2015 for couture shoes at Georgina Goodman. She worked closely in a very small team, assisting at every stage of the design process and designing and making textiles to create and embellish extraordinary couture shoes, she also contributed to commercial shoe collections and other accessories in this role.  Elena’s skills include textiles design, embroidery design, Print design, artwork and placement design, fabric techniques, draping, pattern cutting, and manufacture. Above all Elena is an especially skilled at designing integrated textiles which inform design, rather than being applied on to a base, and building 3d constructions to inform shape. She has deeply routed love of craft and creating new textures to an impeccable standard.

Research Specialism

Experimenting with existing techniques to create new ones, Elena is investigating new ways of working with digital embroidery, combining her techniques with hand embroidery to develop constructed textiles to formulate fashion fabrics.

In a world where craft is becoming ever more digital, Elena believes that combining hand work with digital is the future, allowing designers and makers to develop commercially viable products whilst retaining the personality and individuality of hand made things.

She proposes to develop a set of samples; experimenting with new ways of using the 15 thread digital embroidery machine we have at AUB in a more abstract way, and combining this digital embroidery with hand work. This will inform the way that students currently use digital embroidery and how they can use digital embroidery in a wider range of applications as part of their design, development and finished work.

Elena is also currently engaged in taking a Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practise at University of Southampton.

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