Associate Prof. Dominic Shepherd’s professional output

Old England (part 1)

Exhibition or Installation – Published 1st Mar 17

Solo exhibition with Charlie Smith London at Volta New York.

Cultish cyphers and masquerading figures emerge from and recede into the backgrounds, hinting at bygone rituals and long lost secrets that might, in the right moment, be revealed in the surfaces of water, bark or stonework. Shepherd’s merging of the known and unknown operates on several levels. There is a slippage between reality and imagination where dream, hallucination, symbolism and folklore bleed into each other, offering the audience a fictionalized place that might just be real.

Made as part of the series Old England, Shepherd’s ongoing concerns have reached beyond the personal and historical to the political. In a climate where nationalism has gained so much traction globally, Shepherd addresses the relationship between actual and nostalgic notions of received traditions, opening onto a consideration of the complex relationship between Romanticism, folk, patriotism and nationalism.


Alternative Myths: Dominic Shepherd in discussion Associate Professor Jesse Brandsford (NYU) at Volta Salon 2017.