Chris Moles

Technician Demonstrator – Photography

BA (Hons) Photography


Professional practice


Little Snippets: Factory Studios Boscombe Oct 15. Part of the Bournemouth Emerging Art Fringe.

Final Show: Open Space Gallery, Bournemouth:  June 13

The Fitness Of Things: The Ledge, The Arts Institute B-mouth: March 09

Open: ArtSway, New Forest: Dec 07

Post cards from the Ledge: The Ledge, The Arts Institute B-mouth: Oct 07

Open: Art Shed, New Milton: Sept 06

Land: Art Sway, New Forest: Dec 02

White Window: Atlantis Gallery, Brick Lane, London: July 01

U.I.T.P. – Earls Court, London: May 01

Coast: Art Sway, New Forest: Dec 00

Seven Photographers: Pendle Arts Gallery, Nelson, Lancs: Dec 94

Photography Four: Pendle Arts Gallery, Nelson, Lancs: Dec 93

Research Specialism

Detailed description of landscape as cultural indicator forms the basis of the work. Landscape as topographic surface reveals a social, political and economic intervention physically evidenced as disjuncture, as in mockery at the fitness of things. An objective detached aesthetic demands an uncertain interpretation of these non-places as imagined utopias/dystopias. The landscape no longer experienced as whole exists as fragmented part, where entirely separate yet tolerated worlds co-exist side by side. The overlooked, and often ironic placement of seemingly discordant elements are depicted as a harmonious unity. These non-specific places indicate a cultural globilisation. Aesthetic value as a representational device extends the reading of the work opening out the dialectic between content and form. The overriding premise of the work relates Anglo-American documentary landscape photography. Referencing American photographers Stephen Shore, Joel Sternfeld, Richard Misrach and others with British counterparts Paul Graham, John Davies and John Kippin. In the work there is a sense that an American sensibility is at play.

Member of APHE

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