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Cinematography as Storyteller: How cinematography conveys the narration and the field of narrativity into a film by employing the cinematographic techniques.

Thesis – Published 1st Nov 15

Many researchers recognise the importance of the role of cinematography in films. A cinematographer apart from his technical abilities can be a creative addition to any film production. The role of the cinematographer in support of the director’s vision can develop narratives in films with an enhanced sophistication. Hence, s/he visually attempts to elaborate the narration and the field of narrativity for the audience in order to evoke the audience’s emotions and deliver the necessary information via imagery.

The foundation for this research is based on the philosophical arguments that reflect on how a story is structured and the employability of storytelling techniques in delivering the relevant information. Based on this foundation, this research looks into the capacity of the cinematographer’s role as central to cinematic storytelling. The investigation shows how a cinematographer can participate visually in the storytelling process and by creating necessary information via visual metaphors that anticipates communication with an audience. The discussion over cinematographic techniques in story telling leads the research towards the recognition of the role of the cinematographer as among the foremost of the storytellers. Finally, we look at the researcher’s own experiences as a cinematographer working in independent cinema. This investigation reviews his own attempts at storytelling in cited productions and the anticipated outcomes of his contribution. 

Overall, this research shows the necessity for cinematographers to take an active role in the nuances of cinematic storytelling and concludes that the position of the cinematographer in film is absolutely crucial in the delivery of storytelling through the medium of film well beyond the delivery of a narrative.

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