Babak Jani

Lecturer - Film (Cinematography) – Film Production


Babi who joined the AUB film production team in January 2017 has worked in camera and lighting department since 2006 and in different capacities. As a Cinematographer and Gaffer, he had been involved with over 80 projects including Fiction and Documentary Features and Shorts, Commercials, Music Videos and Video Arts.

His background in Fine Arts and Philosophy helped him to be a recognised as an aesthetic cinematographer in experimental filmmaking. He has recently been involved in Games Design and Animation fields as the Cinematographer/Lighting Designer.

Babi’s aim is to improve the understanding of the ‘Role of Cinematographers’ as visual storytellers by creating a link between philosophical arguments, social movements, cinematographic techniques and film technology.

Professional memberships

  • Broadcasting, Entertainment, Cinematograph and Theatre Union (2016–Current)


  • Research Degree Studentship in Arts and Design. University of Wales (2012–2015)

Research Specialism

Babi has worked on the following topics of research in his best interest. He recently started to investigate into VR and AR storytelling in fictional filmmaking

– Philosophy related research into Visual Storytelling and Cinematography. 

– Philosophical Teaching Film Production and Cinematography. 

– VR and AR Visual Storytelling and the transformation of the cinematographic techniques. 

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