Call for Submissions: Black Mirror 3

Black Mirror is a new research network based at the Arts University Bournemouth which will explore the influence and role of enchantment, the occult, magic and esotericism in modernist (from 1870) and contemporary arts in an international context.

Black Mirror 3

Written contributions for the next volume in the Black Mirror series: Black Mirror 3 will be invited shortly.

Black Mirror 2 – Elsewhere is currently being edited prior to publication. This volume will examine how the inner world of visions, spirits, dreams and magic has been explored by contemporary and modern artists, film makers and other cultural practitioners (1900 – present day).


The Black Mirror series is produced by the Black Mirror Research Network, which is a partnership between the Arts University Bournemouth (UK), NYU Steinhardt (US) and publisher Fulgur Esoterica. The network exists to explore the relationships between contemporary and modernist arts and the occult, esoteric, magic and enchantment. The editors of the Black Mirror series are Robert Ansell (Fulgur), Jesse Bransford (NYU Steinhardt), Judith Noble and Dominic Shepherd (both Arts University Bournemouth).

Black Mirror is recasting the model of the traditional academic publication. Our volumes have very high production values; we emphasis the examination of visual work and so publish in full colour with extensive images and illustrations. Each volume includes portfolio and other visual contributions by artists. Contributions are licensed from contributors and ownership is released back to them after a reasonable period of time.

We are seeking cutting edge contributions which bring original thought, and new perspectives, and which promote debate within the areas of enchantment, the occult and the esoteric in the modern and contemporary arts. Contributions from academics, researchers and artists are equally welcome.

Academic research

We welcome contributions for volumes 1- 4 which will address these themes and issues. All contributions will be peer-reviewed. Research papers should be 5,000 – 7,000 words in length but longer pieces will be considered in exceptional circumstances.

Full guidelines on style, formats etc can be found here.

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Editors: Dominic Shepherd (AUB), Judith Noble (PCAD), Robert Ansell (Fulgur Esoterica), Jesse Bransford (NYU)

Editorial Board: Amy Hale, Massimo Introvigne, Gavin Parkinson, Ulli Seegers, Daniel Zamani

Editorial Consultant: Merlin Cox