Black Mirror is a new research network based at Arts University Bournemouth. The intent of the network is to explore the influence and role of enchantment, esotericism, the occult and magic in modernist and contemporary art.

The network has been created to actively promote academic and practice-led research. Black Mirror aims to advance new knowledge, creativity and understanding through the initiation and dissemination of research projects, events, exhibitions and debate.

To document the project, a special series of peer-reviewed publications will be issued by Fulgur Esoterica.

The Black Mirror Research Network is a partnership between Arts University Bournemouth (UK), NYU Steinhardt (US) and publisher Fulgur Esoterica. The network was founded in 2013 by Dominic Shepherd (AUB), Judith Noble (PCAD) and Robert Ansell (Fulgur Esoterica) to examine the relationships between contemporary and modernist arts and cultural practice and the esoteric, occult and enchantment. In 2015 we were delighted to welcome NYU Steinhardt, in the person of Professor Jesse Bransford, to the partnership.

The network is an international project with members from across Europe and the US. We are currently working on the third in a series of peer-reviewed volumes and are preparing a bid for research funding in the UK.

To find out more or to enter a submission visit the Black Mirror website.