‘Model of reasoning’ methodology

Dean of Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture

Growing a research programme: a case study example of the development and delivery of a PhD project.

A research programme can be developed through many different routes, in this case study example, the programme was developed from a staff initiated pilot project in collaboration with undergraduate and post graduate students which then established the justification for a more in-depth study to follow.

The use of such a pilot study can be valuable to test initial hypothesis and communicate the potential to others. In this example, a broad research question was established building on the pilot study; to explore the potential of developing more sustainable vehicles. The research question was framed through a triangulated methodological lens of three perspectives; Material, Process and Design. This approach then drew together a number of different methodologies to for the main study methodology, carried out through a range of different practical experiments and presented in the thesis.

The presentation plotted the development and delivery of the research project from initial ideas through to the completed thesis.