A, Mridul, Architect, Jodhpur, India

Contemporizing Traditional Water Architecture: Birkha Bawari, a twenty-first century step-well for harvesting rain water, sub-terranean aqua structure, harvesting 17.5 million litres of rainwater in a new housing township in Jodhpur, located on the fringe of the Thar Desert in India. This project was completed in the year 2009. Jodhpur is perennially starved for water, be it rainwater, groundwater or state-supplied water.  It acquires all the more importance as it is entirely built of natural stone, without use of RCC, to collect natural resource of rainwater, without use of mechanical and electrical means. Attached herewith are a few images of the project. It is now a global imperative that a world trying to discover life and water in other planets sustains that of its own. Designers from different disciplines spread world over are working in their own way to find solutions to this deepening crisis to bring succor to the suffering public and a worried State. It is also important to bring together such efforts from different parts of the world for mutual benefit.

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Architecture Course Lecture Thursday 22nd October 2015