“Explosive Drawing workshops are designed so that students have the opportunity to respond to a narrative or story, but in a more ambitious and carefree way, so they are not precious over what they make. They work over the top of each other’s artwork and collaborate. For those that are maybe a bit hesitant to collaborate with new people, we find that nearer the end of the day we end up with a collective consciousness, and everyone is usually working together.

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Explosive drawing is open to Illustration, Graphic Design, Visual Communication and Fine Art. They all have different strengths and styles, but they learn and respond to each other. The theme for this project was  ‘Wuthering Heights’. We played an audio book to which they responded to spontaneously. Occasionally we get them to step back and look at what’s going on – what’s working and what’s not, to end up with what you see here!”

Hayley Potter Senior Lecturer – BA (Hons) Illustration.

Martine, 1st year Illustration said: “I loved working with so many people from different courses – all moving around and touching upon different places. The mixture of styles is great. The colour choices are so personal, yet the piece as a whole works, and is so beautiful.”

Bethany, 1st year Illustration added: “You feel so free – being able to draw whatever is in your head. You can take inspiration from other people’s drawings and work from them. I don’t really like fiddly illustration so this ‘explosive’ style suits me well!”