Students from BA ArchitectureBA Graphic Design and BA Photography have spent the last three months working with the Pokesdown community to regenerate the area.

Pokesdown For Pokesdown sees three students work on separate research projects which will come together as a proposal for the regeneration of the area.

The project has seen the students take the streets of Pokesdown to engage local residents in a conversation about how they could improve the local area through workshops, exhibitions and other activities.

Kathleen Lucas, third year BA Architecture student, said: “A project like this is something only a university like ours would facilitate, where cross course collaboration is celebrated and where we have been able to achieve something really special in the process.”

The students are currently exhibiting their ideas in a unit at Pokesdown Station — the exhibition is open up until Christmas on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to Saturday.

The students invite local residents to visit and voice their opinions; finding a voice for their local neighbourhood or addressing a concern that is completely personal to them.