Applying for a courseHow to apply

Undergraduate / BA (Hons) Degree Courses (including Extended Four Year Study Option)

All applications to Arts University Bournemouth full time Higher Education courses are via UCAS (the University and Colleges Admissions Service).

We still have vacancies on certain courses. To find out more, visit our Clearing page here.

UCAS provide an enormous amount of information and guidance on their application process and we strongly recommend that you make full use of their website

UCAS codes for Arts University Bournemouth

  • Institution Code Name: AUCB
  • Institution Code:  A66
    (We do not have a campus code as all our courses take place on one site).

UCAS Application

All applications to HE full time courses are made via UCAS, the UCAS application cycle opens in early September and the closing date for equal consideration of applications to all courses is 15th January. Applications to join 2nd or 3rd year of degree courses should also be made via UCAS. We will accept and consider applications received after this date but places may be limited on some very popular courses.

We begin processing applications for 2017 in late October 2016, all applicants who apply by the UCAS deadline, 15th January, will be given equal consideration. We are happy to receive applications for the majority of AUB courses after this date.

The information on your UCAS form is used to inform decisions taken about your application. Make sure that you include all the qualifications that you have and remember to include all qualifications that you are currently taking.

Your personal statement is your chance to tell us why we should want you as a student; we will want to know why you are interested in the course that you have applied to, key influences on your work and what you hope to do after your studies.

If you are not in full-time education, you should give details of any relevant work experience, paid or unpaid, and information about your current or previous employment.

UCAS makes background information available to us when they send us your application – this is called contextual data. Some universities will use this data when they make a decision about offering you a place, but at AUB we do not use this information when assessing your application.

What happens to your Application?

UCAS send you an acknowledgement and forward your application to AUB. Once you have completed your UCAS application you can track the status of your application via UCAS Track.

When we receive your application we send you an email which includes your login details for MyApplication. This is where you are able to monitor the progress of your application to AUB.

You will receive updates in respect to your application via MyApplication; admissions may contact you for more information so please check your intray for message frequently. We will also send details of Interviews or Applicant Days to your intray.

Entry Requirements

All applications to courses are assessed against the course entry requirements and criteria, irrespective of age. Applicants are considered on a case by case basis and by their ability and readiness for university study.

Interviews and Portfolios

The majority of our courses will expect to see a portfolio at interview. Please make sure that you have read the portfolio guidelines before attending interview so you are fully prepared.

MyApplication will provide you with all the information you will need about the interview process and what this will involve, you must log in to MyApplication to view interview details.

As a general guide, portfolios should contain examples of work (both finished and work in progress) that showcase your particular skills and interests. The content of a portfolio should be presented in a logical, ordered and simple fashion.

Please ensure that you have entered all of your qualifications and that your personal statement is directed at the course to which you are making an application.

The interview it is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your commitment and self motivation to a chosen area of study; to discuss aspects of the course and to ask any questions that you may have about AUB.

If are invited to interview, this will be the final part of the selection process. Interviews will take place from November to April and we will give you at least 10 days notice of the interview date.

We realise that it may not be possible for some applicants, especially EU or International applicants, to attend an interview. So your application will be assessed on your application form and your portfolio. Full instructions on where and how to submit a portfolio will be sent to you via MyApplication (after your application has been received).

Please do not submit a portfolio unless requested by Admissions.

If you have applied for BA Acting or BA Dance your interview will be an audition and you will receive information as detailed above. (More details of the audition can be found in the relevant guidelines).

What happens after the interview?

Interview decisions are returned to Admissions who will contact you via UCAS and MyApplication. Decisions may be processed on the day, as the interview or audition is the final stage of the decisions making process. Where possible decisions are sent to UCAS within 48 hours and even at peak times they are usually sent within 10 working days. However if there is any reason for a longer delay admissions will contact you via MyApplication.

What types of offer can be made?

After interview you may be offered a place:

  • Conditional offer: this means that you must fulfil certain criteria before you can be accepted on the relevant course. Usually this will be passing your current examinations at a certain grade, the details of the offer are printed in your offer letter and can be viewed on UCAS TRACK
  • Unconditional offer – this means that you have satisfied the entry criteria.

What happens if my application is unsuccessful?

Unfortunately not all applications are successful. Unsuccessful applicants can view brief feedback via UCAS and we also send an intray message to MyApplication which gives further information.

If I am unsuccessful can I request further feedback?

Applicants may contact by email. Feedback is recorded and sent centrally by Admissions.

Any further feedback will only be provided to the applicants themselves and at the applicants request. Applicants should note that feedback will be in reference to the selection criteria and admissions processes. The provision of feedback is to enable applicants to reflect on their progress through the application process and does not constitute a reconsideration of an application.

Who do I contact about my application if I have any questions?

Please contact Admissions on or phone 01202 363225 or 01202 363228 if you need to discuss any aspect of your application at any stage of the admissions process.

More Information

For more information about UCAS applications or to check deadlines visit or call the UCAS customer service unit.