Plan, visit, applyAccommodation

What’s available?

Spoilt for choice

Finding a place shouldn’t be a problem. There are hundreds of flats, houses, bedsits, lodgings and privately run halls at prices to suit everyone. Charminster, Winton and the Lansdowne are good places to start looking.

Getting around

When you’re choosing a place think about how you’ll get around. Is it near enough to walk, catch a bus or cycle? Check out the UniBus bus service, as well as Yellow Buses and Wilts and Dorset. If you have a car, check parking arrangements before you rent, but remember there’s no student parking at the AUB campus.

Lodgings versus renting

Many students like to share with friends. Whether there are two of you in a flat or up to six in a house, you’ll have to share the bills and do your share of the  cleaning. If you’re not ready for that, lodging may be better. This is where you take a room with a family or landlord, sometimes with meals provided.

What should I bring?

Most properties are fully furnished, so you shouldn’t need to bring any furniture. Usually you’ll need your own bedding and towels, and sometimes cutlery and the odd pan. Always check what’s included before you rent.