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Living in the local community

AUB is a collaborative community where people work together and respect each other’s disciplines – and we expect you to extend this to your home life.

Bournemouth is a welcoming place – so play it back! Please be considerate towards people living near the campus or where you live. We want you to enjoy life here, but it should never be at the expense of other residents.

AUB works with the police and environmental health services, and noisy parties or anti-social behaviour could lead to noise abatement orders, heavy fines and disciplinary action. We also have a student community wardens who work to ensure harmony between students and local residents, so if they pop round, be sure to say hello. And if you should fall out with your housemates for any reason, we have a team of specially trained Student Conciliators who can help you resolve any conflict.

Look after your community

  • Take the time to introduce yourself to your neighbours when you move in.
  • Take your wheelie bin in after every collection and recycle as much as you can. Don’t leave rubbish in your garden or outside your property – it is a health hazard and its removal could be costly.
  • Park your car considerately.  Don’t park on dropped kerbs,  and watch out for clamping in local areas.

Be considerate

  • If you’re having a party let the neighbours know. Agree a mutually acceptable time for it to end –and stick to it.
  • Keep the noise levels low when you arrive home after a night out, –don’t slam taxi doors or stand outside talking.
  • If you’re in a large group of students walking to or from campus, it can be overwhelming for other pedestrians, especially older people or those with young children, so give them plenty of room.
  • Never advertise your party on Facebook, it could quickly get out of control and you will be held responsible for the noise and damage caused.